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Hey there! Thank you for putting your trust into Nova Security! Our main goal is to help you find as much vulnerabilities as possible in your web assets and help you fix them before they get exploited by bad actors!

Our main objective with our cloud-based solutions is to deliver a simplified experience and remove the scary feelings that developers, sysadmins, soc analylists and other key people in your company may feel when it comes down to web security!

The approach we’ve taken consists of a fully automated suite of tools for you to use in your advantage to discover web assets, find vulnerabilities, assess them and resolve them on time as well.

Speed of execution and reliability are what we focus on the most as this aligns with perfectly with innovation—a core part of who we are. Our Mission, Vision and Values are reflected on our website for you learn more about!

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at any given time!